A misty and cool morning greeted us on Kirkstone pass for the start of a round of Stony Cove Pike, Thorneythwaite Crag, Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke, though the weather gradually improved as the day progressed and ended with warm, sunny conditions and sunglasses to the fore.

Of early interest in the walk was the name ‘John Bell’s Banner’ printed on the map in the vicinity of the Atkinson memorial cairn (image).  John Bell was, apparently, the curate of Ambleside during the 16th century whilst the term ‘banner’ denotes boundary i.e. the boundary of the area over which he ministered.  The first of our summits on the day was Stony Cove Pike which is the highest point on Caudale Moor, itself sometimes still referred to as John Bell’s Banner.

This is a excellent walk, particularly if you need or want to reduce the day’s uphill element for any reason, though without missing out on getting into the higher Lakeland hills.  Of note, Thorneythwaite Beacon is now considered unstable so care should be taken in its vicinity until such time as it has been stabilised – it should certainly not be climbed on.

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