Lingmell, Scafell & Slight Side

Saturday saw us braving the crowds to tackle Lingmell, Scafell and Slight Side in Wasdale.  The vast majority of the people (we estimated over 1000 at the head of Wasdale), were focused solely on ascending Scafell Pike.  Fortunately, we were able to find much more space to ourselves by heading up the Western spur of Lingmell before joining the main tourist path at Lingmell Coll to ascend to the Scafell Pike plateau, though we then veered off towards Mickledore and Scafell.

The sheer number of people on the main path up Scafell Pike and on its summit was a sight to behold: the top was so busy there was a queue to stand on the highest point (see carousel image), though most folk showed no interest in the surrounding mountains.

Thankfully, our objectives allowed us to bypass all the hubbub as we headed towards Scafell.  We ascended by scrambling up Lord’s Rake (to the right of the main image of Scafell from Mickledore) and then onto the summit where we found only one other person – the difference between the country’s highest and second highest mountains was stark indeed.  From Scafell we headed to Slight Side before contouring back around Scafell and down to the valley.  A strenuous and rewarding day out.

If you’d like to explore the Lake District but would like to avoid following the well-beaten path and crowds, Steve will be very happy to support your adventures.  Please get in touch for a chat on or 07796 213817

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Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike

Three days before the further easing of lockdown and the expected influx of visitors to the Lake District, fine weather provided an opportunity to venture into the central fells whilst it was still relatively quiet.  A walk from Langdale was planned taking in Rossett Pike, Esk Hause, Esk Pike, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags.  On arriving at Esk Hause however, a change of plan was requested…

With time in hand, good weather and few other walkers about, the opportunity to extend the day to take in Scafell Pike and Great End was too good to miss.  A two hour round trip detour permitted a visit to England’s highest point with the summit to ourselves (image with Steve), a fantastic panorama, the taking of lots of photographs and a bonus summit of Great End to boot.  We returned via Esk Pike and Bowfell as planned but abandoned Crinkle Crags to a future walk.  In total we walked 26km, were out for 9 hours and climbed over 5000ft – a relaxed but big day out which will live long in the memory.

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